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Get help clarifying your design, focusing your development, and launching your application with customized consulting services from Tim Corey.

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Expert advice is the CliffsNotes of learning and experience. Instead of taking months or years to learn something, get the condensed version right away. Save yourself the time, effort, and expense of slogging through the false starts, dead ends, and pain that comes with learning on your own.

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Services Tim offers:

Customized Advice

Focus the direction of your application development to get further faster based upon the specific needs of your company.

Project Planning

The most important part of a journey is picking the right path. Get help from someone who has made the journey thousands of times.

Software Development

Sometimes you just need a bit of code written and you don't have the expertise to get it done right.

Targeted Training

Get your team trained on the specifc technologies they will need, not general training that they might never use at your company.

Code Review

Have Tim review your code to identify ways to improve your code's functionality and maintainability.

Deployment Automation

Get help transforming your deployment process into an automated, verified, and rock-solid solution instead of the nightmare it is today.

Frequently Asked Questions 

When can we get started?

Initial consultations usually happen withing a week and work can start soon after. However, not every potential client is accepted. Consulting space is limited.

How much will this cost?

Less than not doing it. I don't take jobs where I cannot provide a great value. Consulting rates are $350/hour (minimum 4 hours) for small contracts. Long-term contracts can get as low as $250/hour.

What languages do you work with?

Primarily, I work in C# and T-SQL. However, I also provide assistance in HTML, CSS, JavaScript. I also provide services in Microsoft Azure, Azure DevOps, and more.

Will you come on-site?

Not unless you need me to. Usually we can make better use of my time via screenshare or even offline communication systems. On-site is available as an option. Usually this works out better for teams.

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